Earth will be invaded in one hour
unless you can prevent it

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Alien Encounter

National ExtraTerrestrial Taskforce (NETT): 214 to 306 do you copy? We have a code 52A in progress. There are two scouting ships that have just landed. They both appear to be C-91's which means they'll be attempting to send signals in order to inform the others of a habitable planet. If they succeed a full on invasion of planet Earth is unavoidable. We need our elite teams to handle this. Alpha 19 is getting briefed now, but you have to assemble your crew to handle the other ship that landed in Mill City. We need you in position now. The threat is severe and imminent.


Wow, you really want to visit this place? It's not too late to turn back and pretend like you never heard of it. You're persistent though... that's good... you'll need that. Click on the embedded map to begin using it or just click on the directions button below to redirect to this map on another tab.

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